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"If we can share our story with

someone who responds with empathy and understanding,

shame can not survive."

Brene Brown

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Counsellor & Psychotherapist


Attachment and relationship issues

Complex and developmental trauma

Spiritual-related health and wellness


Low self worth

Grief & loss

Somatic Therapy - nervous system repair

Women’s issues

Depression  |  Adolescent mental health

Are you ready to take on life's challenges with resilience and find the path to emotional freedom and personal growth? In my practice, therapy is anything but one-sided – it is a collaborative journey toward authentic healing and transformation.

My primary goal is to make this journey as engaging and enjoyable as possible, ensuring that you find solutions and make positive life changes. I understand that reaching out for therapy can be daunting, but I'm here to provide support every step of the way.


My endeavour is to stand alongside you, providing guidance and empowering you with a diverse set of tools to achieve emotional freedom and confront life's challenges with confidence.


Together, we embark on a transformative journey to unearth meaning and purpose in every facet of your life, encompassing your career, family, friendships, and spiritual path. The answers you seek are within you, and together, we will eliminate the barriers that have hindered you from living your fullest and most liberated life.


My profound love for music, particularly the piano, has been a lifelong journey that spans over two decades of playing and teaching. I have a passion for utilising various artistic mediums, including drawing, watercolour paintings, and digital art. I am a creative at heart, I love adding various creative techniques such as art and music therapy to my practice.

My qualifications include postgraduate studies in Counselling & Psychotherapy, with a specialisation in Trauma & Self-Development and a Postgraduate Certification in Professional Supervision. A Bachelor’s degree in Business specialising in Human Resource Management & Marketing and Diploma’s in Interactive Digital Media, Marketing & Photography.

Throughout my career, I've developed numerous programs and conducted extensive workshops in self-development & trauma psychoeducation, IT, career development & guidance. I've also worked closely with organisations dedicated to trauma recovery. In my continuous dedication to professional advancement and specialisation, I have pursued further training, acquiring certifications in key areas of expertise.

These include:

·CCTT-II (Certified Clinical Trauma Therapist Level 2)

·CATP (Certified Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional)

·CCATP (Certified Clinically Anxiety Treatment Professional) 

·Level 1 & 2 Gottman Couples Therapist training

·Accredited Mental Health First Aider


Furthermore, I hold certifications as a facilitator in numerous methodology trainings:

·Peaceful Kids Workshop Facilitator

Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

based program to lessen anxiety

and stress and increase resilience in children.

·Wellness Program Creator & Facilitator

Self-Esteem, Boundary and Grounding Techniques Psychoeducation program.

·Shark Cage Therapy Facilitator

Offers a practical framework for

empowering women who have experienced sexual

and domestic violence, reducing the risk of re-victimisation.


Your journey toward a brighter, more fulfilling life begins here.

Reach out today, and let's embark on this transformative path together.

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