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Middle Aged Woman


“I highly recommend this counselling and psychotherapy service to anyone in need of mental health support. Angelina's expertise and compassionate approach truly made a difference in my life."

Woman with Camel Jacket


" I cannot recommend her enough.
From the very first session, I felt comfortable and at ease opening up to her about my struggles with anxiety and depression. She listened to me attentively and provided me with practical tools and coping strategies that have been incredibly
helpful in managing my symptoms.

She creates a safe space where I feel free to share my deepest thoughts and feelings without fear of being criticised or dismissed. Her insights and guidance have helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my patterns of behaviour, which has been invaluable in my personal growth and development."

Boy Photo Model Client Representation of James


"Working with Ang has been a lifeline for me. When I first started therapy, I was lost , I felt like I was drowning.

But through her guidance and support, I've learned to navigate this hard stage I was in. She has helped me find my strength and regain my sense of self.

I can't thank her enough for being there when I needed it the most."

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